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The work and practice of even more artists who are participating in RawDraw 2016 is highlighted below. Check out their websites to learn even more about them.

Hudson Rush and Hudson Rush Worx combines mixed and multi-media pieces and productions revolving around the concepts of loss and loneliness within the realm of today’s societal construct. With the help of 2015's Pittsburgh Fringe Festival, work will be explored in a new, interactive way to involve audiences in this exploration. Using photography, collage and digital manipulation, themes within the themes have surfaced that more closely examine specifics, such as racial inequality, pop culture healing/harm, and death. This death covers not just of the body, but that of security, order and justice.


Blaine Siegel works across diverse mediums and disciplines, incorporating broad interests into his studio practice, set design, and socially engaged projects. Seigel says: "I am attuned to the contradictions, nuances, beauty, sadness and ridiculousness saturating the cultural atmosphere of contemporary life in America. My attunement to the visual and cultural landscape of the moment is the driving force behind much of my work. I delight in using the cast off materials and images of mass production and mass culture yet I resist the system that would create such materials, endanger the natural world and destroy people. This contradiction enables my work to hold both humor and the pathos of our contemporary plights. I understand that my acts of creation are a contrast to the awareness of the destruction and violence of our time."


Clayton Merrell says of his work: "I attempt to push spatial and visual contradictions to a carefully calibrated extreme at which they have the humor of self-conscious awkwardness while still retaining visual integrity and the power of exquisite form.  I try to piece together ravishingly luminous and spatially contradictory places from memories of actual geographic locations, images from our shared cultural histories, scientific imagery, news photographs, etc.  In the gaps between these modes of representation, I hope to find images that are both beautiful and bewildering."


Marcel Walker is a freelance artist specializing in illustration, graphic design and photography. He writes and creates graphic-prose, and teaches workshops and classes on comic-books and the narrative arts. In 1997 he self-published SMOKING GUNS: ONE SHOT; his current ongoing comic-book series is HERO CORP., INTERNATIONAL, a meta-human narrative set in the city of "New Pittsburgh" which explores the world of corporate American superheroics. His photography, both private and commissioned, includes a wide variety of subjects: portraits, children and babies, couples, engagements and weddings, events, athletic and artistic.


Ashley Andrykovich is a Multi-disciplinary visual artist from Pittsburgh who is known for paintings on the topic of space and time, conceptual Apps with artist Ashley Andrews, and a newspaper article turned radio program with Juliet Pusateri. She is also a teaching artist working in the field of museum education.


Suzie Silver has been creating queer performance and video art for over two decades.  A true tomboy and thrill-seeker from day one, her youth was spent dirt-biking through canyons and dancing in the gay/lesbian bars of Tijuana and San Diego. Finding her way into the exceptional art program of UCSD in the early 1980s, she was introduced to the history of cinema, experimental film, activist media and performance art by such luminaries as Babette Mangolte, Eleanor Antin, Dee Dee Halleck and Jean-Pierre Gorin.  Her well-known early videos, Freebird and A Spy emerged from her involvement with the cabaret performance art scene in Chicago in the late 80’s and early 90s.  A technophile and fan of electronic arts, her later videos use digital manipulation to meld together appropriated images and music, recorded performance and animated sequences into irreverent celebrations of exoticism, ecstasy and camp.   Silver has often worked closely with other artists, as a presenter, collaborator, and teacher, including ongoing collaborations with Hilary Harp and Eric Moe.  Her love of science fiction and her life-long commitment to imagining alternate desires lead her to instigate the book/DVD project Strange Attractors: Investigations in Non-Humanoid Extraterrestrial Sexualities. All of Silver’s work alludes to the capacity for desire to disrupt social boundaries and imagine new futures.


Jamie Earnest is the recipient of the prestigious Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellowship. Through this fellowship she attended the Yale Norfolk Summer School of Art in summer 2015. Earnest has participated in several group exhibitions including Great Waves II at Revision Space and Future Tenant in Pittsburgh. She has also had the opportunity to show her work in Alabama and New York. Earnest currently lives and works in Pittsburgh.


Jennifer Howison uses influences ranging from naive folk paintings to the colorful and bold symbols of street art, Jennifer's style is a straightforward, graphic technique using gouache and acrylic that shows an apparently playful world infused with subtle personalities and unexpected dialogues.