Saint Francis of Assisi Feast Day – Reading and Tasting

Without knowing a lick of French, Alaskan artist Jimmy Riordan
translated French novel Le Roman du Lievre. It is the tale of Francis of Assissi leading a pack of beasts to paradise. Come join Jimmy in Neu Kirche Chapel on Saint Francis’ feast day to hear him read from the story. The reading will conclude with the ceremonial melting of monotype and a (light) feast.


Bring your own beast.
All pets welcome.
Goats may or may not be present.

Lilac wine,
candied violet petals (unless there is a disaster in the kitchen),
garlic soup,
salad with sage dressing.

Since September 2014, Riordan has been touring his translation of Le Roman du Lièvre, annotating the story with insights about translation, the letterpress printing of the book and accounts of his history with the text, which he is currently exploring through the creation of a multi-volume graphic novel. The readings begin with a casual discussion of letterpress and the sorting of lead type used in the printing process and concludes with the ceremonial melting of this monotype, resulting in a unique form.