Neu Kirche Resident Artist Panel Discussion

Join us for a panel discussion with our FALLOW GROUNDS and NEU CITY resident artists. 

Jesse Kauppila (April resident)- 
Jesse has been playing checkers with the Northside community. He will be translating these games into a 15 ft brick and mortar monument called "Checker Brick House" to the vitality of social interaction through game play.

Scott Bye (May resident)- 
Scott will be creating a large scale public work using wooden wheels. This work titled, "Placeholder", will be an anchor to the neighborhood highlighting the vast potentials of creative reuse of materials and site.

Fallow Grounds for Sculpture is a public art initiative that temporarily activates vacant sites located in East Deutschtown, with site-specific art projects built out of recycled or found materials.

Sarika Goulatia (April resident)- 
Sarika has held over 20 weaving workshops with the community to produce a Shade Sail made out of plastic for the Food City Community Garden. The sail will help to mitigate urban heat and provide shade for our hard working gardeners this summer. This project was supported in part by Climate Change Urban Systems Partnership (CUSP).

Nicole Anderson (May resident)- 
Nicole is creating a cross connection between youth in her work "Growing Correspondence," a pen pal exchange with the Food City Community Garden and Gardweeno in Braddock, PA.

NEU CITY merges urban farming with contemporary art practices in collaboration with the community and local youth groups. This project is in partnership with the Food City community garden, part of Children's Museum of Pittsburgh programming. 

with special guest moderator, Jon Rubin.