Maddie Leach Artist Talk

Neu Kirche Contemporary Art Center is hosting an exciting artist talk by visiting New Zealand artist Maddie Leach on Thursday June 25, 7:00 - 9:00 PM. Maddie is a highly accomplished artist who will be creating a new body of work while in residency at Neu Kirche next year in the BachPGH residency program. Join us in welcoming Maddie while she's here to research her upcoming project. Cocktails and light refreshments to follow her talk. 

About the artist:
Maddie Leach is an artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. Her practice is one that seeks viable ways of making artworks in order to interpret and respond to unique place-determined content through a process of establishing specific relationships between form, materials, locations, histories, events, individuals and communities. Leach’s projects favor a keen poetic resonance alongside strong conceptual and formal rigor. Within this framework she has consistently varied the way she resolves her work – having fabricated objects or had them fabricated for her, used text and print media, worked with video, performative actions and processes of exchange. Elements of uncertainty and risk become evident in many of her projects where idiosyncratic narratives are drawn between a tenacious logic of material and economic actions, elusive hopes and fragile navigations of possibility.

Artist website:

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