Lot address: 810-812 Concord St., Pittsburgh, PA, 15212 


Checker Brick House captures the cultural-vitality of a community through a single game of checkers. The form of “Checker Brick House” was determined by the many checker games Kauppila played with local youth during his visits to local community centers, after-school programs and church luncheons. Jesse chose a single game played by two young brothers to be reconstructed in a large column that illustrates each move in the game. The work considers the value of social-interaction as a fundamental component of a community. 

We greatly appreciate support for the creation of this work from: Ruth Dailey and Andrew Reamer for the donation of their property, Cement Masons Union local 526 and Allegheny Cleanwaysfor their brick donation. 


Lot address: Peralta St. & Madison Ave., Pittsburgh, PA, 15212 


Scott Bye is a process-based artist who builds large scale and site-specific artwork with locally salvaged materials. In his first few days in Pittsburgh, he collected 130 wooden wheels from Scott Electric and started his process by screwing each of them together in form. Neighboring folks generously supported the artist during construction and offered conceptual input as they envisioned the sculpture as loose “spare change”, giving the sculpture its name. The construction of this public art work illustrates East Deutschtown Residents’ collective action and the artist’s connection to a neighborhood on the verge of positive change. 

We greatly appreciate support for the creation of this work from: the Pompeo Family for the donation of their property, Scott Electric, Verdetto’s Bar and the supportive, generous volunteers and neighborhood residents. 


Lot address: 839 Concord St., Pittsburgh, PA, 15212 


May Wilson is intervening this space with an organic formed sculpture. A steel armature is engulfed in sleeves of salvaged fabrics that was stuffed with dirt excavated directly from the site. On June 28th, the artist invited the public to collectively fill the the sculpture and give it form. The performative action of digging up and claiming the dirt is symbolic of filling the deflated sculpture into a weighty sack containing the hopes of a re- emergence. 

We greatly appreciate support from: Jan Comport, Katy Sawyer and Neil Pollian for the donation of their property and time. As well as our organizational partners Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse,TechShop Pittsburgh and GTECH Strategies for material, labor and technical support


Lot address: 831 Peralta St., Pittsburgh, PA, 15212 


Public space has potential. It can be occupied, developed, privatized, destroyed and renewed. It is a place for everyone and exists on the outside of architecture. This public work combines theatre and architecture as a story of extreme personal strife that occurred in Pittsburgh. By focusing on a single event that otherwise would go unrecognized, it demonstrates the potential for sharing personal narrative in order to transfer the authorship of space. This work is about the delineation between private and public, as well as the structures that reinforce it. 

We greatly appreciate support from: James Berardi for the donation of his property. Sincere thank you to the performers and City View Church in their generosity and effort of sharing their stories. As well as our organizational partners: Construction Junction,TechShop Pittsburgh and GTECH Strategies for material, labor and technical support


Lot address: 824-826 Spring Garden Ave., Pittsburgh, PA, 15212 


Art Olympics is an interactive, community-based performance art event. The main Art Olympics event is scheduled for August 29, 2015 4:00-7:00 pm and is a competition between teams of professional artists building sculptures out of piles of junk. Art Olympics brings together various groups of people to spark community dialogue and collective action. The event embodies the energy and excitement of sports and reality television, but also offers the opportunity for artists to be critical and express their ideas. Visitors of all ages become more familiar with the process of art making and the elements of performance art. The event generates creative positive energy in the neighborhood and fosters new connections between people and art. 

We greatly appreciate support from: Jan Comport for the donation of his property. Performers and residents who participated, City View Church, Girlfriends Youth Group, as well as our organizational partners Construction Junction and Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse.