Neu Girls Art Fellows

September 1, 2015 – May 31, 2016

Neu Girls Art Fellows was an intensive 10 month after school program for Northside girls ages 8-18 focusing on developing skills in photography, printmaking, zine-making, and exhibition design. This is a generative curriculum meaning projects, themes and programming gradually build upon previous workshops. Neu Girls explored technical processes through extended projects, critiques and field trips led by guest artists and partner art organizations that bolster NK’s holistic approach towards supporting collaboration and women in the arts. Our mission is to provide a multi-disciplinary platform to re-envision young women’s potential to thrive as creative individuals.


Teaching Artists

Head Teachers: Oreen Cohen, Leah Morelli

Photography: Matthew Conboy, Njaimeh Njie, Fiona Amundsen, Christina Conway

Printmaking: Jenn Rockage, Christina Lee, Gianna Paniagua, Emily Simons, DS Kinsel

Zinemaking: Hudson Rush, Jimmy Riordan, Maggie Negrete

Exhibition Design/Youth Empowerment: Ebony Mcqueen Harris, Casey Droege