Current Studio Artist  

Mathew Conboy

Matthew Conboy is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work focuses on movement, place, and identity. He is currently working on a conceptual portrait project begun in 2015 in Beijing, China. Other recent projects include documenting the Mean Centers of Population that are plotted at the conclusion of every US Census, transcribing the footsteps of Jackson Pollock while action painting, and exploring the world of Skatopia; an anarchist and skateboard commune located in rural southeast Ohio. In addition, he is director and curator for Start with Art: Pittsburgh, a program that creates the youngest art collectors in the world by sending newborn babies home with original, signed, and numbered photographic prints. Working with eleven other artists and three hospitals, Conboy will make more that 3,500 young art collectors in 2015. 


Lori Harper

Lori Hepner is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in conceptually based photography, photographic installations, and social media art. Much of her work reflects her ongoing interest in how digital technology is impacting both society and the individual. A recent project, entitled Status Symbols, is a series of abstract, photo-based portraits that are studies of identity in the age of social media. 


Jimmy Riordan

Jimmy Riordan is a conceptual artist. Technically trained in book-arts and printmaking, his practice extends beyond the bounds of any specific medium. Often participatory, Riordan’s projects have involved earth building, augmented reality, letterpress, and translation – all of which are driven by extensive research and underscored by his interest in autodidactics, the self-taught, and group learning.